Discover the Amazing Benefits of the Lean and Lovely Program

Neghar_FonooniDesigned by Neghar Fonooni, the Lean & Lovely Program is a downloadable series of audio files and e-manuals that are especially designed to help women lose weight in a fast and safe way, without starving themselves or endangering their health. If you have been struggling with excess weight for a while, then you surely know how difficult it is to find a program that is targeted and tailored to your needs as a woman. Fortunately, this is exactly what the Lean and Lovely Program aims to do, and here you will find out more about the program and how can it help you achieve the seductive figure you have always craved for.

A Deeper Insight Into The Lean And Lovely Program

To put it simple, this is a fitness program designed for women who do not have too much time at their disposal, yet who want to lose weight and get a lean, tones and well-shaped body. The good news about the program is that it requires no gym membership whatsoever, as all the exercises can be done in the privacy of your own home. Filled with women-only exercises that are aimed at helping your body burn fat quickly and efficiently, the Lean and Lovely program was created by Neghar Fonooni, a reputable fitness coach, writer and athlete who has dedicated her entire life to helping women get the body they have always wanted.

How Does It Work?

The Lean And Lovely Program is a 12-week workout routine that is designed to work on two essential levels: firstly, it will help your body get rid of all the excess fat, and secondly it will target all your muscle groups so that you can achieve an outstanding feminine body. The program focuses on intensity training that will challenge your metabolic resistance – in other words, it will push your muscles to the point where your body will start burning fat very quickly, and it will help you prevent the lost pounds from bouncing back, as it usually happens.

Who Can Use This Training Program?

The answer is simple: the program is designed for busy women who want to get a lean and sexy figure without making any compromise in terms of diet or health. Also, the program is aimed at women who want to increase their strength and who have self-confidence issues that they want to address – nothing boosts a woman’s self-esteem more than a feminine figure, and this is exactly what the program aims to help women achieve.

In addition to this, the training program is also designed for women who want to eat healthier and to learn how to prevent weight fluctuations over the years, as the program comes with a bonus: the nutritional handbook that will teach you the basics of nutrition. Slowly but surely, you will start to understand how small nutritional changes can have a massive impact on your health, self-esteem, strength and overall appearance. Simply put, the Lean and Lovely Program should be used by women who are seeking a complete, fast and effective life-enhancing transformation.


The program consists of rhythmic workouts that will help you achieve an excellent fitness status in a healthy and timely manner – you do not need to resort to boring or overly demanding physical exercises that often seem like a burden you do not need. These exercises are designed for daily workouts and they are very engaging, and this is exactly what makes this workout routine so appealing and so useful.

What Are The Main Benefits Of The Lean And Lovely Workout Program?

First and foremost, the program is designed for women of all ages and all fitness levels. In other words, it can be safely used both by teenagers and by women in their 50s, provided that they have a good health status. At the same time, it is aimed at both beginners who never went through a professional workout routine before, and at professionals who just want to keep their body shape flawless in the long run. The unique structure of the program is what makes it so sought-after these days, as it consists of three different phases where each one targets a specific area. This way, you will not only gain training experience, but you will notice incredible results within weeks.

Moreover, another benefit is that the program is suitable for women who have different weight loss goals, from the easiest ones to achieve (like losing 10 or 15 pounds in three months) to those who are looking for a complete, head to toe body metamorphosis within the same time frame. With the targeted Lean and Lovely workout program you can achieve your weight loss dreams without endangering your health, as the program is based on healthy, natural physical exercises that will not just help you achieve the feminine figure you want, but that will boost your health as well.

If you have tried other workout programs before, then you surely know that most of them are very time-consuming and exhausting at the same time, and this is what actually prevents most women from sticking to their goals. However, with the Lean and Lovely Program you will keep your motivation and determination throughout the entire length of the course, as this program is not just highly effective and pleasant, but also very time-effective. You will keep your motivation and your desire to constantly improve your body shape, as Neghar’s engaging and catchy exercises will surely keep you focused and interested. No dull, boring exercises that put unnecessary pressure and stress on your muscles!

Last, but not least, the program comes with a 60-day guarantee which means that you can get all your money back if you are not satisfied with the results, on a “no questions asked” basis.


To sum it up, the Lean and Lovely Program by Neghar Fonooni is designed by a woman who has been working with other women for years – she has the experience, the expertise and the in-depth knowledge she needs to help you achieve your weight loss goals, and she has surely included all the useful tips, tricks and hints in this well-structured program.

Exclusive Bonus

To help you achieve your weight loss and fitness goals we will include access to our weight loss membership site if you order using our link below.  Our site contains over 200 fitness videos and various weight loss diet strategies that will help you achieve your goals in record time.  For more information about the Lean and Lovely bonus please click here.

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The Lean And Lovely Program Is More Than A Diet

There is a lot of confusion our there about what is the Lean and Lovely Program? Is it a diet? Is it a workout? The Lean and Lovely Program is so much more than that. The program is a complete lifestyle. It shows you how to incorporate all the things needed to make lose weight, get stronger, feel better and live a healthy life you want. No more yo-yo diets that don’t work. No more trying the latest fad diet that only gives you a temporary weight loss and is impossible to maintain. We all know the formula for weight loss. Eat fewer calories than you burn in day and you will lose weight. It’s that simple. It doesn’t matter if you count points, carbs, fats or protein. In the end it’s a reduction in calories. The only question is how you achieve this goal. You could try the HCG diet and lose a lot of weight in only a few weeks, but who wants to eat only 500 calories a day? Besides being dizzy and hungry, you will need to be monitored by a doctor and take daily injections of HCG into your stomach. You will probably also need to take an appetite suppressant. Also, there is no way can build muscle and get in better shape when you are so tired from the lack of food.

leanandlovelydietYou can think of Lean and Lovely as the complete solution. In incorporates a sensible diet, with cardio & resistance training. The program contains over 60 videos that show you step by step the proper technique to do each exercise. The beauty of the system is that you can perform each exercise in the privacy of your home without worrying about being uncomfortable or the distraction of people around you in the gym. Over the next couple of weeks you will notice a change in your appearance. You will start dropping the weight while you are getting stronger and achieving a better fitness level. Don’t be fooled if you only see a small drop in weight at first. Just put on those pants or jeans that were too tight and be amazed by how they fit. The results will shock you. You will also have more energy and feel so much stronger.

Lean&Lovely-60days-money-backIn as little as 12 weeks you will achieve the ultimate makeover in body and mind.  If you are willing to dedicate a small amount of time, you will see major results.  Let Neghar Fonooni help guide you with her easy to follow weight loss system, so you too can be one of her many success stories

Visit The Official Site Here

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Lean and Lovely Is More Than A Weight Loss Blog

Lean and lovely is a program set at empowering women to get into the shapes and sizes that fit them best. It also seeks to boost women’s confidence in their own skin. Lean and lovely emphasizes that both the inward and outward aspects of a woman should be lovely. This is not just your average weight loss blog, it’s an eye opener to the world of lean and lovely that so many women admire.

What is lean and lovely?

It is work out and confidence building program. That’s the simplest definition of this amazing creation. For starters, this program has been developed by a woman, Neghar Fonooni, hence you can bet that it caters for all your physical and emotional needs as well. It is a total body transformation that is assured in only 12 weeks if you follow the program keenly.


How it works

Neghar_workout The first step of the program deals with your emotions. Appreciating yourself first gives you the power to maintain the good that you have or change what you’re not satisfied with. Lean and lovely insists that every woman is different so we can’t all have the same body shape and size. This key factor will help you establish where you are, what needs to be changed and how to go about it. Confidence plays a major role in how we feel about ourselves and how we look. Self esteem will make you feel beautiful now and even more beautiful when you get your desired results.


Neghar-Fonooni_Double-SquatNext up, lean and lovely helps you establish a good diet. What you take in to your body is portrayed outwards. The nutritional book gives you guidelines on what to eat and how much to eat. It is not your average diet that makes you sacrifice everything, it just tell you how best to take your meals and snacks. When followed strictly, the right diet will improve your appearance and aid in weight loss. It will also provide you with great energy for your intense work out sessions. Lean and lovely then focuses on improving your metabolism. A high metabolism rate means that your body will burn fats extremely fast. The program includes a strength training schedule that will help you build your strength immensely hence making workouts easier for you. It also includes resistance training exercises that absolutely build your muscles and give you that adorable feminine figure.


Neghar_bikiniLean and lovely can be used by all ages across the board. It can also be used by women of all shapes and sizes. The best thing about the rhythmic exercises is that they are fun, easy and captivating to do. Trust me, you will always look forward to your next session. Lean and lovely assures you of a complete lifestyle change from the time you start using it. It is advisable for being used by work out beginners and experienced trainees too. Lean and lovely is your ultimate answer to that amazing feminine figure and greater confidence. Take it up today and get transformed physically, emotionally and mentally. It has never been that good with other programs.



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What Are The Benefits Of Kettlebell Training?

Kettlebells have been around for a long, long time but have recently crept into the consciousness of the American fitness industry thanks to Pavel Tsatsouline.

Pavel used to be an instructor for the Soviet Special Forces and he helped to bring the kettlebell training craze to America.  As Pavel says, kettlebell training is extremely challenging for the heart, the muscles and especially the mind.

Despite its newness in America the kettlebell goes way, way back to the original strongmen.  The kettlebell has brought back real training, unlike the sanitized and stale routines you see in the gyms nowadays.  You have to work with a kettlebell.

Sure, you could spend thousands of dollars on a gym membership, or you could purchase one or two kettlebells that will last you a lifetime and get better, more productive workouts pretty much wherever and whenever you want.

This is all you need, whether your goal is to burn serious amounts of body fat, build lean muscle, improve your overall conditioning levels and muscular endurance, get stronger, or even just more and feel better!

Kettlebells don’t take up much space at all.  If you’re not sure what a kettlebell is, the easiest description is that it is basically an old cannonball  or a bowling ball with a thick suitcase handle on top.  That’s the shape.

Other than that, it’s a big hunk of iron that comes in a variety of weights, such as 8 lbs, 12 lbs, 18 lbs, 26 lbs, 35 lbs, 44 lbs, 53 lbs, 70 lbs, 80 lbs, 88 lbs, 97 lbs and more.

But the great thing is, you can get fantastic workouts with just one kettlebell.  And your kettlebells will last a lifetime.

While you can perform some of the basic and traditional barbell and dumbbell exercises, some of the real benefits of kettlebell training are the exercises unique to the kettlebell itself.

You see, kettlebell training focuses on movements more so than individual muscles and this is where the kettlebell excels.  This means ballistic, or fast paced exercises including: snatches, swings, cleans, and jerks.

These exercises will skyrocket your muscular endurance, burn serious amounts of calories, and melt away fat rather rapidly, especially when done in high repetition fashion (as long as your nutrition is good, too).

That being said, it’s not all about ballistic exercises.  There are also exercises like the Turkish get-up and Windmill that will carve out a seriously strong set of abs as well as increase the stability and flexibility of your shoulders.  Even chiropractors are recommending kettlebells to their patients as part of their rehab.

If you want to get strong, the kettlebell excels there, too, with exericses like the double clean and press, renegade rows, double front squats, the double clean and the double swing, too.

Ladies, if you want that magic “after” body that is toned, fit, sexy and strong, with tight glutes that point north, quads and abs, along with shapely arms that don’t flap in the wind, crank out some high repetition ballistic kettlebell work and some lower rep strength moves and you are good to go.

As you can tell by these moves, the core of kettlebell training is whole body functional fitness.  This way you get a full body workout in rather quickly while doing exercises that not only help with fat loss and muscle building, but also help to improve how you feel and move, making every day life a whole lot sweeter.

Here’s one great example.  There is a lot of sitting down in modern society, whether it happens in front of the television in the evening, or in the cubicle in the office during the day.  This causes a lot of health problems related to things like low back pain and hip impingement issues.

A simple exercise like the kettlebell swing, done with good form, will strengthen the lower back, and loosen up the hips (and hamstrings) giving you a higher quality of movement in your daily life.

The kettlebell swing is a core component of kettlebell training and is usually done for as many repetitions as can be achieved in a set time, most often five, ten or twelve minute sessions.  This will do wonders for your movement as well as your metabolism and ability to lose fat.

I know what you are thinking, that you could just use a dumbbell, but it’s really not the same.  There are reasons, such as the handle on the kettlebell and the strange off-centered shape of the ‘bell itself.

The handle will give you a killer grip in no time flat and the off-centered weight allows you to use your stabilizer muscles in a way a dumbbell won’t, as well as putting the muscles through a longer range of motion.  This dynamic motion is great for both flexibility and mobility.

Give kettlebell workouts a try for month and then switch to a dumbbell for the same routine and you’ll see and feel the difference yourself.

Take the kettlebell challenge.   Commit one hundred percent to a kettlebell training program for three months.  You’ll never see working out the same way again.

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The Lean and Lovely Program: Can It Really Change Your Life?

LeanAndLovelyNegharFonooniHave you ever noticed that pretty much every weight loss or exercise program ever created seems to have been designed to make women hate themselves?  Go on, check them out.  I’ll wait. You only have to read a few sales blurbs and program reviews to see endless references to losing ‘unsightly’ fat, and constant instructions to work harder and starve yourself for longer to beat the bulge, as if the only thing that defines a woman is her dress size.  A multi-billion dollar industry has been built on convincing women to hate the person they see in the mirror, and it’s hurting us all. This is what legendary trainer and life coach Neghar Fonooni realized long ago.  After years of punishing herself with the most restrictive diet and most strenuous workout schedule you could imagine, Neghar was left with a firm, slender body but a ragged, desperately unhappy soul. She realized she’d been spending so much time worrying about the flatness of her stomach that she’d barely had time to notice that her life was miserable.  She turned down the chance to spend time with friends whenever it wasn’t her “cheat” day, and spent every free hour in the gym to maintain that perfect physique.  It was then that she realized, in her own words, that “you can’t hate yourself to happiness.”  This was the epiphany that drove Neghar to develop the Lean and Lovely program, a groundbreaking fitness program that focuses as much on a woman’s mind, heart and soul as it does on her body.

Neghar-bent-over-row1Lean and Lovely is, at its core, an intensive 12-week kettlebell-driven fat loss program designed to help women become leaner and stronger, but it’s also much, much more than that. While Lean and Lovely offers a ton of great, short and intensive workouts that will increase strength and promote fat loss, just as much time is devoted to teaching women to love their bodies, and to learn and truly understand the importance of self love, inner strength and confidence in becoming the women they want to be.  It’s this that forms the true core of the Lean and Lovely program. While the easy to digest manuals lays out an excellent, success certain range of exercises and a powerful (and surprisingly generous) nutrition guide, the core of the program teaches women how to use a positive mindset – about both themselves and the world at large – to transform their bodies and souls into something that makes them truly happy, strong and confident.

Neghar-bent-over-row2Over the course of the 12-week program, Lean and Lovely proves that you don’t have to drive yourself to tears for hours each day in the gym, or starve yourself to distraction to burn off the extra inches. Instead, with an intensive schedule of brief, high energy workouts – that focus on technique rather than duration – and a healthy, satisfying diet that leaves you full enough to enjoy life, the program offers women the sort of all-encompassing mind, body and soul life training program that will help them stay happy, slim and healthy for life.

Best of all?  For a limited time, the Lean and Lovely program is available at a massive discount, down to just $27 from the full price of $835.

Neghar-goblet-squat1 Neghar-goblet-squat2 Negharl-kettlebell-deadlift1 Negharl-kettlebell-deadlift2


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